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1920′s vintage glamour fashion shoot – inspired by …

Often when I tell people I’m a photographer, their next question is: so, what do you like taking pictures of:  landscape, portraits etc.?” and I always answer: “well it depends what the job is and what the client wants.”   I know that  lately I’ve been so busy with any kind of work coming in, that I did not have time to focus on my real passion:  F A S H I O N photography!   I love everyhting about fashion: modelling, designing, detail, materials, beauty, make-up, hair, the whole picture… so it goes without saying its my fav subject.  Doing a fashion shoot is a whole diffent ballgame tho.

I have not done alot of fashion jobs recently except for model porfolios;  but when Hamza came to me to show and asked me to be a model in case I was shooting for the facecard photography competition, (about the most glamorous hollywood vintage fashion era 1920′s – 1950′s), I took note.

At first I did not even consider to enter this competition as I was and is still so busy and in South Africa for most of the month for the World Cup.   Then, my father enspired me by giving me this uber cool great prop:  an old style camera!! (main prop: tick).   Then I met Dariya….the perfect look (and I found my main model: tick tick)   After a brainstorming and research session with Hayley and bringing the super enthausiastic Denitsa on board (that shares my passion for vintage clothing and accessories), I was half way there (tick tick tick). The big opsticle was off course to find location (we all know how difficult it is to be allowed to shoot anywhere in Dubai) and bringing everybody together.   The long black dress was one of my first designs made in Dubai, the pink short dress bought at H&M, sigaret holders bought in NY, hairnet in Cape Town, etc. and so the blank spaces got filled in..

A big round of applaus for my fabulous models:

Dariya Mustafina, Miroslava Pashova, Denitsa Godiva, Hayley Carelse, Aneke Roets

location 1:   Barracuda – we wanted to shoot originally at the old propellor aircraft but the police intervened and did not want images of that restricted area and we had use the alternative old aircraft next to the road

location 2:   BAR 44 at the Grosvenor House was such a great location with beautiful lighting. I cannot thank Florance Stankova enough: not just for making time for our project but also being such a great person!  I forgot how much I love BAR 44;  it’s here where I had my first ever Mojito 5 years ago.

location 3:   Faytak Design & Avenua Home provided us with most beautiful interior designs and antiques to work with and we are so greatful to Honey for allowing us a few hours.

It was really difficult to work without a stylist.  I had to focus not only on the photography and lighting, but also on posing the models to create the best feel and put them in a pose that makes them look at their best,  keeping an eye on the make-up, clothing and hair, making sure that the jewellery always show.. etc. With the post-production I had to keep myself from going wild with the sepia and black and white as those adjustments enhanced the era mood, but I wanted to show some colour as well..

Please have a look at some of the images that I entered and support our team effort by leaving your comments!!   We love to hear your thoughts!

And the winner of the Vintage shoot is…….

The winner was announced at the Vintage Ball on the 22nd of July and here I have posted the winning images as well for you to view.
It was a great experience, the locations and the models will be receiving amazing shots and yes … its very clear that everybody still adores beautiful girls dressed up in vintage…
the era will never die.

Some of my images will be used for the Emirates Airlines Calendar for 2011 and will be available soon at the emirates souvenir shops for charity.

1920 shoot b

1920 shoot c





1920z copy


1920s copy

1920 shoot 3

1920c copy to replace

1920 shoot 6

1920 shoot 8

1920shoot1a replace

1920 shoot 10

1920 shoot 2

1920 replace

1920 shoot d

1920 shoot a

And here are the winning and runner up images.
What a great evening it was!

second prize

winning shot1

Recently a fan of this shoot, a student, sent me this image of her painting she entered for her art exams and she
picked one of my images. I thought: so cute ! and decided to post it as well. Recognize this image as the cover image of the blog?


25 comments to 1920′s vintage glamour fashion shoot – inspired by …

  • Khaled

    GREAT job ladies.. the photos are absolutely stunning. They really capture the glamour and the beauty of the era. I’m putting my money on you for the 1st place prize on the 22nd.

  • Pete de V


    Once again you have outdone yourself…..smashing photography…really out of the very top drawer!
    My favourites are the 3 ladies sitting at the bar in Bar 44….i could really feel the 1920′s vibe in that picture….and also the one with the two ladies reflecting in the sunglasses of the other lady…by the way..whoever of the models she is….she is smoking hot!! woop woop….hehe
    That plane down by Barracuda has an interesting story…..it was one used by Viktor Bout…..the international arms smuggler/dealer about whom the movie Lord of War is based on….
    keep up the fantastic work Celestie….you really have such a talent for this….

  • Pete de V

    ps…..those Olives up in Bar 44 are simply the best in town…i miss them!!

  • Miroslava Pashova

    Beautiful Celeste! Good luck on 22-nd you did amazing job!!! Bow! This seventh photo, the one with the girl seating with cup of tea, and the other one talking at her ear is probably my fav!

  • manolo

    this pictures are amazing!!!absolutly crazy.

    you are so good celeste, i love it!!!!

    xxx manolo

  • Denny

    I love it!

  • Yana Vasileva

    Mesmerized by your work, wishing you best of luck and may your photos win !!!

  • Hayley

    Great job Celeste!! As usual!
    Absolutely luv it!!

  • Stephenie

    WOW, WOW en nogmaals WOW. Great work ousie!!!

  • Marlize

    Wow, stunning, amazing!!!

  • MJ

    Celeste, its absolutely amazing! WOW!

  • lynn

    wow celeste, the pics came out really good. well done. you gotta win with these.

  • Eugen

    Interessante projek. Looking good. Gud joooob!!!

  • Mike

    I recognise that Cigar on the piano – glad to see it hasn’t gone to waste!
    Great pics, the light of the models back and face in pic 1920a is stunning.

  • Dara

    Different lights, colours and looks – you decided not to give them a chance for criticism;) a lot of work and amazing result.
    I like 1920n with Hayley, very languid and affectionate.

  • Natalie

    stunning, some of your best work i have seen. you have such talent.

  • Annie

    Wow… the pictures came out totally amazing. Knowing all the work that was put into this shoot i will be very shocked if you don’t bring home the first prize! Good luck Celeste – we’re all backing you!

  • Adri

    Stunning! Last pic with piano is my favourite!

  • Photography is a great thing, once again it goes to show from the comments above that we all have different tastes and that is what makes life so interesting.
    And that is also why I ask my clients for examples of what they like and want.
    It was great that evening to hear the crowd’s opinions, choices and why, on the canvas entries.

    I noticed the winning entry. It was the only entry that featured a guy and: “how classic”, I thought, when Ryan told me that they took the couple shot with the camera on a timer! Goes to show once again: You don’t need to have a great camera or even a photographer to create feeling. You do need vision tho!!

    Thank you everybody for your comments and support during the competition. Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Jean Zammit

    Well done to everyone. Celeste your work was amazing. Thanks so much for your support. Hope we work together

  • Natasha Carter

    Amazing photography Celeste! Now we feel even more priveledged to have won!

  • Marvin Grech

    Hey Celeste. It is so sweet of you to post the winning picture and the runner up. Just looking at your Vintage pictures and portfolio and i am so impressed. The vintage ones look just stunning and there was a lot of effort and talent. Anyways, it was my pleasure to bump into you at the ball and i hope to get to meet you ones again. Marvin xxx

  • Celeste, your photos are just stunning. Well done and once again magic happens when you have that camera in your hands! Keep doing what you are doing.

  • The shots are amazing. Well done celeste.

  • Elzanne

    Sjoe Celeste, jy laat my mond oophang!! The pics are great, I love the shots with the airplane in the background they are amazing!!

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