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new website has arrived : www.celestevanrooyen.com

hi everybody im so proud to provide you with a new website and structure to view my images

I was born in Cape Town; made for the world

I am a professional international photographer and very blessed that my passion has let me to so many amazing experiences, meeting and working with likeminded creatives.

Although I love the adventure of waking up in a city I’ve never been to, my favourite place is still the hill on our family farm – where my photography and awards started.

What add to my photography talent is my skill to provide art direction, keeping an eye on all aspects of the shoot, working in a team, directing my subject;…and the special magic I have with kids!

Producing my own shoots and understanding the needs of a photographer have led me to produce big productions for others.

From idea, agency, assembling the best creative team and executing clear communication with all international walks of life to post; all within budget – nothing beats the sense of adrenaline when executing a big production successfully and having a satisfied client.

My energy, creative eye for detail, organizing hands-on skills, and my love to be on set have led me to create some amazing visuals.

No matter how big the production or job, I treat every client/story as unique with an ‘over deliver’ approach.

Due to my lighting knowledge I also like to shoot behind the scenes of movies and commercials, teach photography, shoot for social media stock, create cinemagraphs, provide videography services and just love being on set! Indoor or outdoor.

I would love to light your photography project or contribute in producing your shoot and tell your story.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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