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Although I love to blog, it’s very time consuming and I can’t always blog every shoot.

So I decided to put up a collection of newborns and families of the last year or so and what a collection I discovered!

Although I do love the ‘fluffy’ photography (kids and weddings etc) as a bit of a change it’s not always easy and you need more sometimes than photography skill.

It’s very important to have those newborn pics of your baby. I have seen many disappointed parents as you will never have those moments back. Their faces change so quickly.

Every time I shoot newborns I experience the same things:

All parents wants those cute pics with the baby sleeping and the hands under the chin etc. But it’s not as easy as it looks.

Your baby needs to be sleeping for this so I always ask the parents to make sure they put their baby asleep without the clothes (only a blanket to cover as babies wont sleep it their cold – the air conditioning off pls) so that I can just remove the blanket (removing clothes after they are asleep with for sure wake them up) and hopefully the baby is in such a deep sleep that we can move the body and arms etc. for those cute poses.

Normally after feeding is a good time – then we can take the awake images in between as its more difficult to get Baby to sleep.

On big commercial shoot there is normally a child or baby mentor to work with kids and you can just shoot and dont have to worry about these things.

Enquire about my rates – Kids are little miracles and it’s so rewarding to document them.

enjoy some images here:

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