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Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest ………


Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest ………


Running your own business is a 24 hour job.  It has it’s pro’s and con’s (more about this later) but nothing beats that

‘high’ feeling of getting that amazing shoot or delivering work that meets your standards; or getting printed!

Some days after a long day of shooting, I would come home and there is notifications everywhere on my apps, admin that

needs urgent attention (or I might loose the job) ie. missed calls to be returned, quotes to answer on email, fb, whatsupp etc.

Not even to mention the blog and website that needs to be updated regularly, old and new contacts to be inspired etc.


As a creative you need to give yourself a break from it ALL even the photography, even if it means you will miss out on a few jobs,

just to keep that amazing creativity and visions with light, super sharp.  But then, when on holiday, you visit these amazing

places and you find yourself shooting again, and missing the social media buzz (as we don’t want to admit but it becomes like

fresh air:  part of our lives).  Something you miss if its not there.

I see so many photographers has only recently put up that facebook page and it means that they realize the importance of

marketing being part of running a business.  You cannot only be a photographer, you need to be an entrepreneur too!


Social Media has hit us in a big way – and the world will never be the same again – unfortunately.

One cannot escape this if you run your own business.  It’s internet marketing at its best.


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Blogs, Whatsupp…… no more privacy if you want to be out there succeeding!

Not sure how I would have managed without my Iphone / Mac combination.


You have to share your images if you want your style, work and ‘voice’ to be heard and hope for the right exposure;

praying your work won’t get stolen or fall into the wrong hands (if its Facebook or not who knows!).

It’s a daily share and it’s timeous. But it’s got to be done. And recognition from the right people is awesome.


So here goes….

here is my share of Social Media

Follow follow follow follow me on :










Skype: celestevanrooyencapetown

and off course WhatsApp


Something else you did not know about me?

We started a new business: Start-up Business marketing

We do your marketing for your new business for you.

Depending on your budget we open your website, Facebook page, first contact with existing clients structures, business cards etc all with consistent look and feel, well designed logo, colour scheme and photography. What do you think?


So now I wish you a great 2013……..make the most of it – create and record loads of memories and let me hear from you regularly.







Some Dubai instagram images…….

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