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I introduce: Mrs and Mr Mikhaylov: an awesome couple sharing true love


And there were orchid’s everywhere….

Maria and Stan met in Egypt. They are both from Russia. And what a couple – what a joy to shoot this positively happy couple!

How difficult to do a wedding shoot if you just want to do an editorial model shoot with them hie hie!
They had a beautiful day – Maria did not have a traditional dress but I was surely impress by her delicate style and choice in accessories. ┬áHer dress had beautiful lines and the high fashion branded rings, bag and shoes were all delicately tasteful.

I’ve also always been a fan of an arm bouquet (see images).
We organised Stan’s jacket flower from the orchids in their house as they both love orchids and Maria had orchids in her hair.

I’m even more impressed by Stan who organised (with a little help from me) this day by himself.

They took their time to get dressed relaxed, enjoy the day and drink some perfect champagne. Exactly what I would have done on my day.

A quick trip to the Russian Embassy and then ended their day with a shoot at the foot of the Burj al Arab.

They told me how the traditional true weddings in Russia lasts about 3 days with constant drinking celebration – Would love to attend one of those.

Next shoot will be for sure for Stan and his kitesurfing and a fashion portfolio for Maria.

Enjoy the images…. and let us know what you think



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