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Alexis and Mario: Endless Love!



Alexis is from Australia and Mario, South African.  The couple met in Duabi and they had a ‘dream-come-true’ wedding!

The Van Zyl  family is such a close family and it was a superb gathering in Koh Samui, Thailand and a perfect day full of love and details.


The venue in itself created the ‘WOW’ feeling.  The couple stayed at the The Cove.

An amazing setting of different levels, all consisting of sea outlooks and off course an infinity pool. (I could not resist to shoot with this pool – see pics below) and other guests stayed at the neighbouring Karma, also with such tastefull luxury and infinity pools.
The bride celebrated her bridal shower at the 9 GEMS Lounge Restaurant and the Bridal Party celebrated just plain life the day after at: W Retreat Resort.
These are all some super breathtaking atmospheres and views to experience.


Details of the day included Alexis’ stylish mermaid wedding dress was imported from Mikaella (Canada) and her bridesmaids’ dresses, which I just loved, were bought from an Australian designer: Lisa Brown situated in Queensland.

Alexis changed the belt of her dress to black for the evening event wich was such a noticeable touch.  Her mom surprised her with the lovely beaded footwear for the beach and the groom and his party also boasted with some embroided initials on their outfits.

The speeches during the ceremony and at the event were the most heartfelt I’ve experienced.


So many additional little events was added to the day:

  • With arrival, guests had the opportunity to take polaroid images at a little booth
  • After the ceremony, the bridal couple had a butterfly-release ceremony
  • Traditional Thai dancing opened their dinner event
  • The bridal party also celebrated Alexis’ mom’s birthday with fireworks
  • And the most spectacular was probably: ‘The Wish’.  Where you release burning lanterns into the sky and make a special wish – a tradition everywhere in Thailand.  A very special moment.
  • The next day they enjoyed celebrations at the W- retreat – well worth visiting.


Koh Samui!  What an awesome way to start your journey.


Enjoy their wedding story and let  us hear what you think!






15 comments to Alexis and Mario: Endless Love!

  • Alexis

    Wow Cel! You did an amazing job! These look gorgeous! So nice to be able to look at these photos and relive the incredible day. Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see more but I have a few favorites already!:)

  • Carla

    Celeste those pics are awsome, such pretty ones and also fun. AMAZING!!!!

  • Amazing wedding photos…and the best presentation i have seen via email
    thank you for sending them…Julia Spencer

  • Lorna Keenan

    Beautiful couple, stunning photographs!

  • Yolande Hutchison

    stunnnnnnning pictures, will definitely recommend everybody I know to use you Celeste! xxx

  • Sara Moore

    Beautiful photographs!! What a gorgeous couple!

  • Clinton

    Amazing photo’s…. looked like an amazing wedding and a gorgeous couple!! Congratulations to the newly weds

  • As usual exceptional photographs. What a gift to give to a newly wed couple!!

  • Rashmi Tyagi

    Wow. Those are the most beautiful wedding photographs I’ve ever seen. In complete awe of your work. Brilliant pictures and such a beautiful couple..You’re amazingly talented as well. Keep it up. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Sandra

    Such profound talent by such a young artist!! You go girl, you have the whole wide world waiting just for you…:)

  • Leandri van der Linde

    These pics are beyond words. Took my breath away!!! Celeste you really did a great job. Have tears in my eyes. I miss the island and all the wonderfull people we met there!! ;-)

  • Ryan de Jesuz

    WOW what can i say skat!!! all the others have said it all!!!!

    you soo can do my wedding one day!! just need to find her first!! hahahahaha
    xxx :)

  • Kerry Gillette-Holcomb

    Simply stunning!!!

  • Tarryn

    Amazing pics!

  • lisa woods

    Amazing wedding photos which I could have been there.

    Lex, I didn’t see all of these before, you look stunning and mario looks charming! You mum looks great as always!

    love lise xxx

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