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OK magazine beauty shoot : Rimmel

I’ve recently shot for OK Magazine and it was great to see the print last week.
Client was Rimmel make-up, thus the reason for the zoomed in images and focus on the make-up.

Studio shooting is not that daunting at all!! I sometimes feel like saying: if you can deel with the ever changing light and
location and focus of a wedding, then you can deal with anything!

Very important that you are good in all aspects of photography: lighting, directing, editing, etc.
and even more important that you work with a great team: model, make-up and hair artist etc. to reach your goal of a great image
that says what the client wants it to say.

I’ve always wanted to use one of these diagrams and since I love teaching so much ive decided to share the setup with you!

Here you can see the use of the beauty dish with grid and soft box and mostly shot on a 1/160th speed.

Distances are very important: from the distance the boxes are in connection to the model, the distance the lights are from the
backdrop, the distance I am away from the model to the distance the boxes are placed away from the main light on the stand.

Let me hear your views!



rimmel 11

rimmel 4 unsharp

rimmel 3

rimmel 5

Rimmel shoot 1

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