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My winning shot – THE WINDMILL MUSEUM


I’ve shot this windmill image a long time ago & and it’s still stays one of my favourites.


I just love windmills!! ‘Windpompe’ in Afrikaans. Don’t ask me why, it’s just one of those things.

This shot, long before I even had my website, or blog, won me a competition, got sold as canvas and was one of my first magazine prints (Leef Magazine) – *as seen below.

so every good shot has it’s story:

I heard or read about the ‘Windpomp museum’ overseas, of all places. And then I started asking around and realised it was just
around the corner from our family farm in Loeriesfontein and right under my nose all these years!
I had a beautiful overcast day that added shine to the metal. I think South Africa is the only one of two countries that has so many old
windmills per square metre, thus the windmill museum! I just love an image of a windmill…something nostalgic about it.


Now, in 2013 my friend spotted my image on the National Geographic site – and I did not even know it’s there!!!!

I sure have placed this haven on the world map – see the National Geographic write – up below.



750 windpomp


windpompe artikel 2 copy


3 comments to My winning shot – THE WINDMILL MUSEUM

  • Jared

    Celeste, love this one! You need to add more! I drove past 2 the other day, real classics! Will show them to you someday!

  • Cathy

    Hi Celeste … I thought I was the only one who had such an interest in windmills (windpompe), but I absolutely LOVE it. I believe each one has a story and if you travel through the Karoo from Colesberg towards the Cape, every one along the road is different. I collect small ones from various places and am so fascinated by this. Just discovered the site where they spoke about Loeriesfontein and am most definitely going to pay a visit there as soon as I possibly can. The photo of yours is absolutely stunning!

  • Annette

    Die meeste boere is so afhanklik van hulle, as die wind nie waai nie kan hulle nie bad en die skape nie water drink nie . Dit is moeilik om te glo veral in die moderne tyd dat mense nog moet staat maak op die natuur, hoe wonderlik.
    En jou fotos van die windpompe is genoeg om en windpomp liefhebber te roer.
    Mooi so my lam.

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