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session with: GLORYGIRLS

My first shoot with my Profoto lights and can I just mention how amazing those guys at Hot & Cold Studio are, to have helped me with some hiccups.

Well, back to the shoot.
Sometimes I don’t realise how lucky I am not to have to care about my looks at the moment, but I know a time is coming when I am going to want to tone and become more healthy and fit.
That is why it’s good to know about the: Glory Girls.

These girls don’t only work very hard, but I could feel the emotional support amongst them to reach their goals.

Each girl had her studio session and a bit of an ambient *natural* light session.

To be able to set up your own studio opens many more opportunities of different kinds of images that can now be created,
but somehow I still love the ambient light effect!

Here are the girls like you’ve never seen them before..

sandri 3a


derryn 13a

derryn 7

derryn 2

derryn 17

derryn 20b

client: glory girl fitness
make-up: Jean Zammit
models: Derryn & Sandri
location: Celeste van Rooyen Photography Studio & the palm

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