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My World Cup 2010 : a few memories of the fever!

It was a sea of ORANGE at the semi-finals Fan Walk in Cape Town and a wave of ORANGE at the finals in JHB Soccer City… and after South Africa from all the images you can sense who was my favourite team!! I felt so appreciative to be there. . .

…to experience all the excitement, feeling of unity amongst us all, proudness of how well my country has pulled off probably a once in a lifetime event…

…to feel the emotion during the live South African anthems of the opening game,
…walk the biggest street party ever in Somerset Road, the Fan Walk – Cape Town, with all walks of life and walks of the world and the Kaapse Klopse…

…to be part of the whole experience and feel the roar of a the crowd (of approximate 84 000 during each match) rip through you when the magic of a goal happened…

Just like Shakira’s song became part of the whole fever (experience), the following words in Johannesburg also became synanomous with the event:

ke nako

I loved how uniquely individuals expressed their enthusiam through their own style of dressing – I wish  I had the time to shoot and blog only about all the different unique ways of expression –  from colourred eyelashes, nail colours, clothing hats etc…

I need to unfortunately end this blog with:  the tax man story.  First handed experienced by me.  Yes, I got caught at the airport in South Africa for tax on my macbook, 5DMarkII, lenses, new clothing, expensive champagne….

and so I want all other South Africans (that are bringing in goods that was bought overseas) to learn from my experience and know the law as well as I do now, (or correct me if I’m wrong):

Sweet and short:  If you have been out of the country for six months or more your safe.  That’s the key it seemed. Otherwise,  just hope and pray you get in without being stopped, and make sure you declare it on your way out and keep that piece of paper for next time.  That piece of paper expire in a year so then the vicious circle starts all over again.  When you do get caught, you will be paying 20% tax (I think, .. as I felt like fainting during this part of the discussion) over and above the value of R3000 (not per item, all of them together).

The World Cup was still an unforgetable feeling. And so is the first time you see your mountain (Table Mountain) when landing in Cape Town. *Capetonians will know what I mean – we have a thing for that mountain in the Mother City*

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