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miss Jordynne Swan

Jacky asked me to shoot her daughter’s portfolio for Bareface (one of the best model agencies in Dubai), and to include some images with her family members. It was only a morning shoot but little miss Jordynne quickly stole my heart.


For photographers:   shooting a portfolio

Any model portfolio consist of various of looks/styles so that the model agency can promote the model for various jobs and looks that the client might require.
It includes: left and right profile, ambient (outside) and natural lighting and indoor lighting, black & white and colour, full body and facial shots, great make up and wardrobe etc.

With children, take some time before your shoot to build rapport with the individual and shoot from above and eye level.
It’s really great to saturate some images for children by using alot of light for soft looks, but I so often come across alot of overexposed images out there. It really spoils a great image and prevent from portraying a feeling. Rather take a moment and play with the unwanted sharp light in Photoshop via: Image, Adjustments, Levels, Output levels.

I have chosen 3 storyboards for Jordynne:  Indoors (butterfly lighting setup - more about this later) with the bunny as a prop (how cute!)l, outside in a field of flowers and by a big window with incoming beautiful light.

As a suprise and to add some energy, I always take my bubble machine with me for kidz; and it always works wonders and as a lifesaver sometimes!

E n j o y


miss swan1

miss swan2

miss swan 4a

miss swan 10

 miss swan5

miss swan 8

 miss swan 12a

miss swan 11a

miss swan 6a

miss swan 7

miss swan 9

miss swan 13

miss swan 15

miss swan 16

miss swan 14

20 comments to miss Jordynne Swan

  • Jacqs

    Omg I don’t know what to say… Is that really my baby that you have shots of there??? Wow. You are incredibly amazing!!!!! I cannot say thank you enough!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    These photos are just amazing. Just WOW!

  • Virasha Fernando

    She looks great,,, pics are really nice ,, fantastic work !!!! love it

  • ciara burke

    ah jackie , she is absolutely adorable and the image of her mummy.. she really is a gorgeous little girll.. mama must be proud , ciara x

  • Winnifred

    what beautiful photo’s obviously the good genes showing…..Jordynne you are amazing.

  • Marisse

    Awesome awesome pics….. my little girl is just gorgeous…..

    Love Grandy xxx

  • Alethea Bauer

    WOW – the photos are amazing!! Jordynne looks gorgeous and you can so clearly see the wonderment in her eyes as she looks at the single bubble (one of my favs!!)

  • Melanie Riddle

    Absolutely beautiful! It so does not look lie these pics were all taken on the same day – amazing! Congrats Jax, she looks toooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

  • Thank you everybody for the great comments!! Well appreciated.

  • mariam

    the photoes are amazingggg. when you look you feel you are watching a baby magazine. well done and congratulate Celeste,you are amazing…. As per little Jordan she is beautiful like her mom with the same big smile.keep it up…..

  • Lauren

    WOW she is growing up so fast…. awesome pics love them miss you guys heaps xox

  • Sandy

    What awesome pictures, great photography you really captured Jordan’s wonderfuly little personally – very difficult to choose which one I loved best they are all wonderful xxx

  • Louise McDaniek

    OK every photo was my new favourite of them all! These are just amazing!

  • Magda de Jager

    Amazing!!! The photographer and the model definite winners.

  • Waqar Hasan

    The pics are soooooooooooooo adorable!!! Was just visualizing your workstation revamped will all of these! :-)

  • What a little wonder. Amazing pictures.

  • You were right Jackie these piccies are totally gorgeous and I never realised how much she looks like u! You should be so proud of her xxxxx

  • Marianna & Marcel

    Dear Jordynne, you are and always will be a beautiful, gorgeous little thing!! Please dont grow up too soon! We are missing your little words and the special way you say our names!! Lots of love and big kissess Mawiana & Tip Top

  • Jacqs

    I love the new pics – I especially love the ones of Jordynne with the bunny – the pic you have split – the one with the colour all different is AMAZING!
    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  • Madeleine Ross

    Well done Celeste, the pics are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning children’s photography. You do have the ability to capture the child’s innocent expression.

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