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Portraits of 2012 with more inspiration

I can sometimes spent hours on the internet just browsing.

I’ve also recently started loving teaching!

We all need some inspiration some times and I like to show my models and students some examples so that they
can visually show me what they want and like etc.

Here is some of my fav (I call them my feel good websites) of photographers that I have met, and or have learned from and online magazines that I like to browse to keep updated ….

Enjoy and share some of your favourites too …

1. senatus

2. fashionphotographyblog

3. stefano moro

4. the pretty blog

5. guess the lighting

6. armanstudio

The inspiration of the day is this website I found: check it out: A great refresing website


Nadine du Toit like you’ve not seen her before:



portraits 2012 e

portraits 2012b

portraits 2012 c 450 px


The Oktoberfest Munich

munich beerfest
portraits 2012 a

..and now i’m trying to incorporate some fun ID shots in my shoots, it’s real and identifies who the person is, make them relax, can act as facebook fun shots and looks great!

blogspot lelani cupcake shots copy


Rebecca Hart’s Yoga Website images:


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