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How to choose your wedding photographer, some tips to consider….

As the wedding season is creeping closer, and I’m starting to meet my wedding couples again, I thought it good just to write something as to what you guys should consider when looking for a wedding photographer and how I approach the big day..

I am a destination photographer, so no country is too far!!

As soon as you have your day in place (timings, venue etc.), provide these to your photographer. I like to visit the venue beforehand to plan the light and various shoots of the day,

and you as bride or bridal couple are welcome to join me and:

1)  show me what you had in mind at your venue and discuss the itinirary of your day as I shoot various types of weddings with different customs, religions and countries involved

2) show me some examples of images that you like me to include in your must have shots as we all have different styles we like

3) see that I am approachable as it’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer

It breaks my heart every time I hear of a bride telling the story of bad images! Some photographers only market a few images of different weddings. Try to look at the photographers work of one whole event to see if they can work with the changing of the light and documenting one whole story.

As the client, do some shopping around and compare prices, packages, does the package include an album, edited images, etc?.   I provide edited images, and even cater for a further amount of edits after you have received the disks, as we all have different favourites…

• I do offer to make an album for you afterwards at an additional rate to the packaged/quoted price. You can leave it up to me or you can direct me which images and style/type of album you like.

• I also offer to shoot a couple shoot beforehand at an additional price, in case you want to create a canvas like image for your guests to sign at your reception on your day.

and when you look at my work you’ll  see how I love to document the whole day from getting ready to the final dance and cake cutting etc. and I have loads of little tips for you if you are interested as I’m sure this is the first time and the last time you are planning a wedding day xoxo

for example: Pause a little when you do the main moments, like the kiss, the rings etc. dont rush


very very important: the light!

Allow me about 1.5 hours of daytime or sunset light for your couple shoot as I like to shoot that and your 1 hour portrait shoot with natural light.
So please book your ceremony and reception in such a timeframe that you can provide your photographer with enough time during natural light available for your portrait and couple shoot – flash photography is so harsh and I leave that mostly for the indoor/reception shots, for which I also require as much as possible indoor light.

Check out my camera bag here.

Now all you need to do to book me is: email me with your details, date and itinirary.  I’ll email you my contract and package and the sooner you pay your deposit, the sooner you secure me as photographer to document your day.  

Celeste van Rooyen Photography has also recently started to provide video clips of your images – see examples on you tube :

here: you tube moving images

and don’t forget to check out my photography facebook site: Celeste van Rooyen Photography for updated work and to stay in touch by ‘liking’.

I just have to share this lovely compliment of my couple: Dimitru and Louise – posted on my Facebook site:




I provide my clients the kind of work that I would like to receive on my wedding day.

My style include a bit of everything:  beauty shooting, photojournalism, natural clean cut images and a few arty ones, combination of editing, etc.

I’m also interested for you to show me the type of photography style that you like.

So now, be calm, well organised and enjoy every single moment of your day. It’s over so quickly. Hope to hear from you soon.


oops, just before I forget, remember the amazing final touch to your day: your wedding album but more so popular the coffee table book.

A collection of all your images.



 And now I also do the online wedding invitations for couples – the website and the couple shoot beforehand xoxo


3 comments to How to choose your wedding photographer, some tips to consider….

  • Eugen Binedell

    I have known Celeste for many years and was fortunate enough to run into her again whilst working in Dubai on assignment. I have been taking pictures since 1999, but never got as far as to enroll for, or attend any formal photography classes. I’ve followed Celeste’s website for sometime, always looking for inspiration and ideas. Celeste suggested I come for some lessons as she enjoys teaching photography and I accepted.

    What an inspiration this young lady is. Not only is she extremely knowledgable, but extremely talented, both in front and behind the camera. If I had to use one word to describe her, I would say: Phenomenal! Wow.

    As part of the training, Celeste supplied literature, asked important and valuable questions and always made sure that the instructions and lessons were understood.

    I’ll recommend attending training sessions with Celeste to anybody, anytime. From beginner to expert photographers alike. I think Celeste has a lot to offer in changing the way you think about photography, the angles, the lighting and composition in both natural light and studio.

    I’ll sign off by saying: Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. (Now contact Celeste to book your training session and get shooting!!!!)

  • Wow I am thrilled to inspire and teach what I have learned the past years. And I love teaching as many photographers out there that does not have formal training, has a lack of something, an obsticle to prevent greatness. Thank you for your kind words Eugene!

  • another little note to wedding couples: your event : if its not in daylight, make sure your venue offer sufficient light so that you can capture your moments like the cake cutting and bouquet throwing in detail as its mainly flash and not very artistic light but make sure there is enough or your images will look dark! The photographer dont normally bring their studio lights to shoot your venue you need to cater for that xx

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