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Aline + Jacques = Love forever

Aline is from South America and Jacques from South Africa, and I just have to mention how fabulous it was to hear Aline make her speech in Afrikaans and Jacques in Portugese.

Aline + Jacques = Love forever, is the heading of my blog as ‘love forever’ was beautifully written inside their rings and also mentioned in their unique speeches.

I’ve always wanted to shoot with the Burj Al Arab as the backdrop, but it’s not allowed to access the grounds for any photography unless your couple is staying in one of the Jumeirah Group hotels
along the beach strip. If you are staying in one of the hotels, you have access to the grounds of the neighbouring hotels as well.
We had our own little buggy covered with tulips to drive us around and I organised a dhow cruise at the neighbouring hotel to kick off our couple shoot. Lots of people were staring and waving along the way.
It was a lovely ambience.
We ended our golden hour shoot at the magical Pierchic.
Afterwards we met their guests at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s Villa Beach right at the foot of the Burj al Arab.

It was really a perfect day with the Burj al Arab (Burj means: *building* in arabic) overlooking the whole occation like a big sail that changes its colours regularly *see images* during night time.
Thinking back to this day I remember all the beautiful details: the yellow bridesmaids dresses and perfect yellow matching tulip bouquets, the violin, the cutest wedding cake bride and groom ornament and
of course Aline’s soft kind family that touched my heart.

I wish the couple a lifetime of love together… forever!



Aline and Jacques 11

Aline and Jacques9

Aline and Jacques6

Aline and jacques 20

Aline and jacques 21

Aline and Jacques 8

Aline and Jacques3

Aline and Jacques2

Aline and Jacques7


wedding 2

Aline and Jacques 13

Aline and Jacques16

Aline and jacques 23

Aline and Jacques 10

aline and jacques 35copy

aline and jacques 34

aline and jacques 37

Aline and Jacques35

aline and jacques39

aline and jacques 38

aline and jacques 36

Aline and Jacques 12

Aline and jacques 24

aline and jacques36

aline and jacques 26

Aline and jacques 27

Aline and Jacques 12a

Aline and jacques 28

Aline and jacques 29

aline and jacques 32

Aline and jacques 33

Aline and Jacques1

Aline and Jacques4

aline and jacques 31

9 comments to Aline + Jacques = Love forever

  • Marius

    Classic photo’s Celeste..! Love it..!

  • Aline & Jaques

    It was the most beautiful day for us! everything so unique! the pictures show exactly that moment!!!!! we love the pics Celeste!!!!! Well done!

    Aline & Jacques

  • MK

    Wow Celeste – I love the way you have painted these magical photos using depth and lines to make the most out of a great location but without stealing the limelight(npi)of the subjects … ok who am I kidding, I know nothing about photography. I do know that again you have not only accurately captured this strong couple’s personality and an amazing untacky sophisticated celebration of love, but these photos create emotion – they create hope in this weird institution called marriage – you can just sense that they have made the decision to love forever and nothing will derail this resolution.
    Damn! it makes me feel like I want to get married now.

  • lynn

    wow celeste, the pics are amazing. you really captured the moment. even though i wasn’t there, it was as if i could feel it.
    especially the pic with her and her parents.
    well done.

  • Rachel

    What a magical wedding!!The best ive ever been to. It was absolutely amazing!! Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful couple!wow…
    Their photos bring out the true picture of how amazing they are…

  • I seriously teared up when I was looking through these moments in time! Incredible talent, girl!! I’m just in awe of your work!

  • mariana marx

    Celeste! once again WOW!

  • Annelise MInnie

    Celeste, wonderlike foto’s. Hulle lyk so mooi natuurlik, asof jy net daar was – op die regte tyd, die regte oomblik. Baie geluk. Ek’s bly dit gaan so goed met jou fotografie besigheid. Ek wens jou nog baie meer sukses toe! Annelise

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