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A conversation with… Mon Atelier

I recently shot the marketing shots of Mon Atelier, a beautiful fresh range of kids clothing and accessories, in Dubai.

I had to be very careful not to edit the images too much artistically in post production as I wanted to portray the exact same feeling of free, light and natural

in the images as what I felt and saw when I was in the store.  I wanted to portray the natural colour scheme, lines, detail and clean cut look.

Mon Atelier means:  My workshop.

I fell in the love with the product the first moment I saw it.

I love the quality of the linen and cotton and love the happy plain design with a touch of detail here and there as you can see with the shell buttons.

I saw my little models of the day moving freely in the clothing that was very comfortable and matching toys: huggable!

A week later Mon Atelier kick started their season with a fashion show that also showcased designs of Lucky 7Clothing, Yoga Jeans by Second Clothing Co. and Bogosse.

For those of you who like beautiful things, do yourself a favour, next time your in the Jumeira area, pop into Mon Atelier, its just behind Lime Tree Cafe!

mon atelier 1

mon atelier 24
mon atelier 10

mon atelier 11

mon atelier 25
mon atelier 16
mon atelier 7
mon atelier 15

mon atelier 2

mon atelier 14

mon atelier 4 (2)

mon atelier 12

mon atelier 27
mon atelier 13

mon atelier 8

mon atelier 21
mon atelier 28
mon atelier 26
mon atlier 22
mon atelier 9

mon atlier 20a
mon atelier 17

mon atelier 18

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