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Face it, China plays a big part in the world *for example export* today. And there is so many things that we don’t know about the culture and history of this place and its people.
You either want to know or you don’t. I love the place.
I do alot of trips there for work and also for my little business and every time i think of China, I think of Schanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing ( by far the best city for a tourist ), but I also think of :

- cherry blossoms
- the chinese has the cutest kids and babies
- amazing affordable shopping
- land of massages and the best cheapest massages ever
- Hutongs *the old must-see part with little streets and ways of portraying wealth on the doors thru architecture etc..

Off course like any destination it would be better for you to enjoy and understand the place if you know the history, like for example when your on that Great Wall of China: all the stories and history of how it came about, the sweat and tears, you can see, imagine and feel it in every stone. The same with Tiamin Square at the front of the Forbidden City and the The Terracotta Warriors.

The last images was taken at the Lama Temple, a Tibetan Buddist Temple in Beijing.
Buddism is one of the few elements in the chinese believes which is incorporated in their way of living.

For some reason I just cant get enough of capturing monks *in this case lama* and nuns as some of you might have realised ..

Beijing is worth a visit and tick all the boxes

Okay National Geographic, you can now finally give me a call to do some documenting/photojournalism for you. :-)

china 2

china 3

china 17
china 4 450 wide

china 5

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china 10

china 1a

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china 16

china 14


india blog india


china 20


China is not just another city full of chinese and only for trade, if you look you will find little gems just like in any other country.


In PVG Schengai one morning I went to a watercity, an hour or two out of the city – I feel so relaxed and saw old time China still preserved.


Here is some images of Zhou Zhuang Water Village – a small cosy chinese venice.

When I got to the gate and they charged me 100 rnb, I knew there was something to experience and so it was so worthwhile.


There is also Suzhou and Hangzhou to consider and many ways to get there – The underground is so quick you can go early to the bus station and take a bus to any of these or just take a tour with your hotel.

Or Tongli: 45 mins with a fast train.


In Pvg self :

Asia and China is great for a startup business – There is a great huge photography department will all kinds of goodies to buy where I bought my continuous lights: LU BAN LU in the city and many many great prices printers for your books, business cards etc.  (not even to speak of the fake programs for you mac shhhhh hie hei)


There is a huge expat area in and around the Xin Tian Di area – I’ve been to great rooftop restaurants and sidestreets that makes me feel as if I’m not even in China – I’ve even seen a jacuzzi in the middle of winter in an old wooden bar full of people on the top floor of a luxurious hotel nice!!!

I was there during the Chinese New Year, as you can see with the red lanterns, which has a whole new story on it’s own.



7 comments to China

  • mariana marx

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing- I will have to go to China-in the bucketlist

  • barry

    Hi celeste the photo of the wall is too good to be true

  • Mark

    Hi Celeste. Great photos as usual. Looks like you caught Shanghai on its annual blue-sky day! Your shot of the wall through the gate-house window is smashing! Well done.

  • Nadine

    This is seriously breath taking images! Why the heck haven’t Discovery/NG contacted you??

    Everything is so colorful…I’m in love with your talent, girl!

  • Jean Sebastien

    Hen hao!

    Loved the bikes details; and where was the Himalayas pic taken? From Sichuan, Tibet?

  • Hi Jean

    The Himalays pic was taken from the cockpit of the aircraft flying over K2

  • Yolande

    Wow – Celeste!! Die foto’s bring soveel goeie travel memories terug! Keep on taking more of these awesome pics..and making us jealous! ;)

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