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the 10/10/2010 wedding: Angela and Helmut: Bab al Shams

Angela is from China and Helmut is German. I think the 10/10/10 day is probably the day of the most weddings all over the world. One of the many questions I asked Angela was:
Why 10/10/10 and what does it mean to you? and she replied: “Everything perfect!”

At the couple’s flat in the Marina Dubai, I saw all these red signs up everywhere on the window, fruit, wall, even Helmut’s cufflinks had this sign.
Again Angela explained it meant: Double happiness. So cute I thought.

I loved how stylish Angela’s dress was and how she moved like a professional in front of the camera! She is a real shining beauty.

Helmut knows how to organise a great party and suprised Angela with a beautiful white limousine to take her to Jebel Ali Christ Church

for the ceremony and the whole wedding party to the fabulous Bab al Shams for the reception.

Bab al Shams *which means: gate of the sun* was such a great venue for their guests that visited Dubai for the first time.
It really portrayed Dubai and the arabic culture beautifully with arabic and belly dancing, camel and horse show, authentic lamps, camel steps in the cement throughout the venue, sisha smoking, etc.
The venue was the restaurant in the dessert that unfolded as you walked away from the hotel and past the dunes and portrayed a great atmosphere as you can see in the pics below!

It sure was the perfect day to start a life together.

enjoy the story of their day here…

angela and helmut

angela and helmut (2)

angela and helmut (3)

angela and helmut (4)

angela and helmut 17

angela and helmut 15

angela and helmut (7)

angela and helmut 18a

angela and helmut 37

angela and helmut 16

angela and helmut 5b

angela and helmut 5f

angela and helmut 5c

angela and helmut 5e

angela and helmut (5)
helmut and angela blog 32

angela and helmut (6)

helmut and angela blog 17

angela and helmut (8)

angela and helmut 28

angela and helmut 26
angela and helmut 24

angela and helmut 22

angela and helmut 23

angela and helmut 20

angela and helmut (9)

helmut and angela blog 18

angela and helmut 29

angela and helmut 31

angela and helmut 34

angela and helmut 35

angela and helmut (11)

angela and helmut (12)

angela and helmut (13)

angela and helmut 14

angela and helmut 19a

angela and helmut 27

angela and helmut 21
angela and helmut 33

10 comments to the 10/10/2010 wedding: Angela and Helmut: Bab al Shams

  • Helmut

    Dear Celeste,

    the first selection of photos is just gorgeous, stunning… I am breathless, looking at my wife.

    You captured the intimate moments of a perfect day in our life.

    It was great having you with us on this day. And you not only impressed us…


  • Dietmar

    Hi Celeste,
    I’m running out of words looking to these photos. Superb!!!
    Best regards

  • Angela

    Dear celeste:

    Those picture bring me back that time 2010.10.10,So great!
    Thank you very much.


  • Nadine

    Wow, Celeste!

    I love your style in regards to your lighting, styling how you pare images together! It is really a joy to look at your work! I’m so inspired!x

  • A W E S O M E !

    Hi Cel├ęste,

    what marvelous pictures.



  • hayley

    Wow, u’ve certainly delivered!! Luv the pics!
    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!

  • mariana marx

    You have so much talent! Really amazing set of photos! Congrats to the bride and groom.

  • As always Celeste, your work is just to die for. Well done and keep the magic. I’m definitely flying you out for my wedding!

  • Lil' lili

    awesome photos..i am totally inspired….
    so look forward to your class now…

  • darling once again you have captured beautiful shots :) thank you for referring me as the hair and make up artist. x

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